Office hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

What we offer

Clases de Inglés

English Language Instruction specializes in teaching the English language to a wide spectrum of students of all ages. We offer a General English Program that extends from Basic Enlgish levels all the way to fast paced Conversational Courses.

We offer English writing courses, ESL personalized classes, customized classes for business and educational purposes. courses in Mathematics and in English for elementary and middle school grade levels.

Adult Programs

In-person classes during the week and weekends.

Private Lessons

Personalized lessons with our professors.

Professional Development Programs

Intensive training for small groups and individuals.

English Learning Institute Carrillo Camero

Personal Approach

English Language Instruction se especializa en la enseñanza de Inglés a un rango muy amplio de personas de todas las edades. 

Certified Instructors

Con mas de 12 años en el ámbito educativo, indagamos en el entrenamiento de los Instructores certificados y preparados.